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Saturday 10:00 - 15:00

YES MY DEAR - something about this place makes you feel as though you've been let in one of Vienna`s secrets.  Situated the luxurious heart of the 19th Viennese District is where you'll want to spend your free time. In front of the YES MY DEAR Showroom you can find your relaxed and hidden place in the shadow of the old linden trees, enjoying a glass of champagne, having a winderful coffee or just a good cold beer. 

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Unsere Eventreihe setzt sich fort mit der Präsentation der ersten Herbst- und Winterkollektionen. 

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Unsere Events

Unsere Eventreihe setzt sich fort mit "Jazz & Food" im Daringerhof.

menü - >> Schwertfisch auf Eierschammerln <<

musik - >> feinster Jazz unter der Leitung von Wolfgang Wehner <<

JAZZ im DARINGERHOF am 09.Juli 2021

Erstmals zu hören und zu sehen im Daringerhof - das legendäre "Jazztrio" - 
am 09.Juli 2021 von 16:00 bis 19:00

" What is it that makes music special? The quality of the material and the performance, the profile of the players, the spirit and passion on stage and on records… but above all, it is something that speaks to the listener, something that can touch, inspire, move and exhilarate. This is what “Jazztrio.at”, a formation of seasoned players with international credits from Vienna, Austria, featuring Thomas Barth (piano), Johannes Strasser respectively Christoph Petschina (double bass) and Wolfgang Wehner (drums) stands for."